27 March 2008


it's crazy how fast things/people/animals grow...i came across these pictures from just a few months ago (from late september) and i just cannot get over the cuteness...

now the cats are climbing in/on/over/around everything...absolutely everything. last night they were hanging off a curtain we had between our dining room and living room (luckily it was extremely cheap). night before last, i was trying to distract the cats while i cooked by throwing a bag on the ground for them to play with. it landed right-side up, and ben walked over to it and stuck his head through the handles very deliberately and then proceeded to...just sit there. i eventually took the bag away because he was starting to run around with it, and he went over to another bag and stuck his head through THOSE handles...what a little psycho cat...
they've come so far from that first night when i was afraid to have them sleep in my room because i didn't want to wake up to dead kittens in a box...

24 March 2008

the world spins madly on

"i watch the stars from my window sill
the whole world is moving, i am standing still..."

i can't believe it's been three years. today was a tough day, but i made it through...

my heart still hurts.

16 March 2008

found treasures

i am notorious for not turning in film when i actually use a 35mm camera. if i don't turn it in the day i finish a roll, who knows when it will get developed. today i picked up a roll of film that has pictures spanning from last april until october. it's always fun to get pictures back when you don't even remember what you took pictures of. the next task is to get better at taking photos with my fisheye--the quality of the exposures aren't that great, but they're still fun photos. you can view them here.

a warning--i didn't feel like hooking up brandon's scanner, so the photos posted are actually pictures of the pictures taken with my computer's photobooth.

15 March 2008

becoming [less of] a man

poor kitty cats...they had their big surgery yesterday...they have now become...un-men? we dropped them off at the vet yesterday morning before work, which was awkward. first you have to fill out the paperwork which includes questions like "in the event something occurs during surgery, choose one of the following: i authorize whatever is needed, regardless of cost; i authorize whatever is needed up to $_______ beyond the cost estimate; or please call if an emergency arises." basically you have to put a price tag on your animal--how much are they worth to you? next, after the paperwork, they told us we were done and could leave, and to "just leave the cats there." there, as in there, on the floor of the waiting room in their carriers.

anyway, everything went well and they are acting like nothing is wrong except for...their lovely collars, which they are actually getting used to, they just look ridiculous. brandon calls them helmets, i call them bonnets. i wasn't warned about them, so i came home to two running, jumping, peppy kitties with bonnets on.