30 September 2008


so, this coming friday is what i have dubbed [kitty] founders day--it is exactly one year from when my brother-in-law found my cats (well, they weren't my cats at the time) at about 3 weeks old, in a creek bed, in a pile of trash under a mattress. they have come a long...loooong way from their days of barely being able to stand up and having to eat from a bottle. since they completely comprehend this anniversary that is approaching, i knew they'd be disappointed if i did not do something special for them (read: i am a complete goober and thought it'd be fun to celebrate, even though it's just another spoiled day for the cats).

in preparation for this friday, i decided to make some cat toys for them. i started last night, but bought a key ingredient on the way home from work today so i could finish up what i had started.
the cats just smelled it on the paper that was stapled to this catnip and went nuts...just wait till they get their new toys--although i'm hoping they can smell it amidst the stuffing. at first i went searching around online for some cute cay toy instructions, but i ended up just sort of creating as i went and came up with these. i like to call them tootie and the blowfish:
next on my list is to felt a chickadee with a bell inside, the pattern found inside this book. i'll let you know the results of all the toys, and hopefully how the kitties enjoy them at their founders day celebration!

28 September 2008

bye bye j.t. snow [officially]

so chris, mr. dodgers/baseball fan extraordinaire, had organized a group of people for the giants/dodgers game on saturday. chris' brothers came up from la/over from phoenix along with some other friends, and katie came from sacramento which made for quite a fun afternoon/evening!

i also had the privilege of getting to witness the official retirement of one of my all-time favorite ball players, j.t. snow. i always greatly admired him--he was a great athlete and always seemed like a really great guy all around. how could you not find it endearing while he blew bubbles with his gum during games, made all sorts of amazing catches (including falling over walls and into dugouts and still making the catch), and who could forget about the time he saved dusty baker's son from getting run over in 2002?

from my mini build-up, you can probably get a sense of how much i like j.t. snow...and just how thrilled i was to learn that he would be officially retiring as a giant at a game i already had tickets to. the giants had him sign a contract for one day so he could retire from baseball on the team that was nearest and dearest to him. it was a little emotional for me because my good friend stacy was my baseball buddy, and we shared a love for j.t., but i was glad i got to see the event for the both of us. she was definitely in my heart and on my mind during the game. the giants lost, but i still had a really great evening. congratulations, j.t., i'm glad you finished as a giant.


26 September 2008

almost back...

i just wanted to say that i miss my bumble bee! only two more days before she returns from oz...maybe i'll have a guest post about her trip...i can't wait for her return!

23 September 2008

sinusitis and other ramblings

well, i went to the doctor yesterday because, after speaking with my mom (mom's always know best!) i realized i probably had a sinus infection (constant pressure headaches, ears popping, head feeling like it might explode, painful teeth, extreme congestion). i went to the doctor, and while she agreed that i probably had sinusitis, she felt it was viral and not bacterial. that means she gave me drugs to manage my symptoms as opposed to antibiotics (which i happen to be allergic to the first two they give you anyway) and man have the drugs worked wonders! i feel so much better--almost back to normal and i couldn't be happier.

on another happy note, i love my job. as a person who constantly second guesses decisions after agonizing over them in the first place, it's been wonderful to have no second thoughts, no regrets in making this big change. i truly feel like i was led to this decision--although i was scared to make it, i really felt like it was what i needed to do and i haven't looked back since.

this year has been a year of change....i gained a spouse and 2 insane cats (they are running and sliding around the apartment as i type), moved across town, became/am becoming an aunt (that day is rapidly approaching and i couldn't be more excited!), and most recently changed jobs (and that's not even counting all the smaller changes that have occurred throughout the year). thank goodness it's been a year for positive change--i had my fill of downers over the past few years, so these positive events are welcome. every day i am thankful for everything i have been blessed with.

well it's about time to round up the cats and head to bed, but one final note--i can't believe my precious little niece will be here so soon! it seems like finding out my sister was pregnant was just yesterday (sidenote: revisiting that post, i'm not sure if i ever corrected myself...her due date was moved to october 15 instead of october 5), yet so long ago at the same time. the last thirty-something weeks have pretty much been at least 85% consumed with baby thoughts/research/discussions, and so now i can't wait to see her teeny toes and her teeny butt and her precious little nose and meet this new family member and hold her and spoil her rotten. this whole baby thing has completely put me in awe--it truly is the miracle of life. patootie, i can't wait to meet you! i love her already...

22 September 2008

introducing bubby and bunny

so, my weekend knitting project was to attempt this adorable bear found here. i found little bubby absolutely adorable in theory, but the execution...well, his head came out really small. i gave him a scarf to try and try even it out a little. i guess it was sort of an ambitious thing for me to attempt, having only knitted scarves and more recently baby booties in the past, but i can only improve, right? since bubby's pattern failed me (well, more like i failed bubby), i decided to sort of make up my own pattern. my intention was to create a little monster, but when i started making the little antennae, i decided it looked like a bunny, and bunny was born. next time i am intentionally creating a bunny i will make the ears a little longer, but for first attempts i think they came sort of cute...maybe homely cute, but still cute.

so, without further ado, meet bubby and bunny:
DSC_0006 copy

21 September 2008

still sick

well, for some reason i just can't seem to kick whatever i have, so i decided to stay in and rest all weekend. i had lofty plans to knit a bunch and then have all these fun things to show, but in reality it just...didn't happen. i knitted, took it out, knitted, took it out, etc. i did finish one thing and almost finish something else, but i'll post that when both are done.

anyway, being laid up has really made me appreciate my health. i know i take it for granted most of the time, but this week i have had my energy completely zapped--i go to the grocery store (1/2 a block away) and i'm spent. it's been really frustrating because i'm drinking my fluids, resting, getting my vitamins, and it still just lingers. the worst part is i've also been trying to sleep it off, and i just can't sleep--i wake up early, i can't fall asleep when i lay down for a nap...my body is just not cooperating with me so i just have to be patient and let this thing take it's (scenic route) course.

since i have been home, however, i've had lots of cat time, so of course i took a few pictures...

over morning coffee, a game of attack the pen
for some reason, he has taken to hanging out on the table, like it is his own personal pedestal
sunday morning biscuits, umbrellas and leaves for fall
within 30 seconds of brandon hanging this light, the cats realized they could reach it on their tippy toes (great)
brandon adjusting the light while stu supervises
brandon testing to make sure no one can reach, even on their tippy toes. success!
stu...still on the table

16 September 2008

sick day (pagoda stu returns)

well i have been hit with the office bug and boy did it kick me in the butt. beginning with a cold, it has turned into this massive headache that feels okay as long as i don't get up or cough--if i do either one of those things my head feels like suddenly there is a ton of pressure from the inside. i'm hoping i can go back to work tomorrow--it feels really really strange to stay home sick.

while i was home i took an opportunity to capture the cats during some amusing "play time" -- stu was back to his growling-while-attacking-a-sock antics....

first, my happy sunflowers
stu's girlish figure
the gargoyle a.k.a. ben--he loves perching on the corner of things and watching from above
does he or does he not look like a dr. seuss character here?
i always sort of wish i had a kitty cam to see what these two are up to while i'm gone, but i think i got a glimpse today--mostly sleeping, the occasional about of mischief, a little more mischief topped off with a snack and more napping. must be nice!

14 September 2008



today began looking gloomy and overcast. here in sf it's always a little iffy if the fog will burn off or if the gloom is here to stay--luckily today it turned out to be quite beautiful (if not a little windy). brandon and i headed downtown for a bit to run some errands and then came home to relax after yesterday's busy day.
later in the afternoon, chris came over to hang out and have dinner. it was very sweet--he knew yesterday was stacy's birthday so he brought me sunflowers. it was very thoughtful of him--thanks chris! we then started talking about funfetti and got a major craving--even though i just had funfetti yesterday at the shower. we ran over to the store and bought some, although now i think (after some research) that what i used to eat was maybe betty crocker rainbow chip? my funfetti was more of a chip/ball shape (as opposed to a sprinkle) and had cream cheese frosting with the chip things in it--not sprinkles. i had to get over the initial disappointment, but nonetheless the cupcakes were yummy! now it's just time to relax for the evening and finish the newest episode of mad men...

13 September 2008

baby shower

well, jen's baby shower was thanks to a lot of help from many different people, it went quite well in my opinion. it was nice to have just a low-key sunny afternoon for everyone to have a chance to chat with each other and jen before she enters this exciting/crazy time. i can't believe she's due so soon! speaking of mom-t0-be, my sister looks adorable and from behind you would never know she was pregnant--she doesn't move like she's pregnant at all. we're so thankful that this has gone so smoothly (although she wouldn't mind if the baby the didn't have her knee parked in my sister's ribs).
great grandma-to-be
great grandma-to-be
i just wanted to thank everyone for making jen's day so special. i know it meant a lot for her to be surrounded by those she loves and to know that she has such a great support system.
the group
opening presents
i got some baby photography practice on adorable colin...smile!
how cute is he?
and here are the baby booties i knitted, thanks to kelly and this pattern found here
knitted booties

03 September 2008


1. i get my own business cards. while this may not seem that exciting, i have never had my own business card before.

2. my boss likes okkervil river. how amazing is that? i am so happy.

02 September 2008

looking back

with all these babies in the air, especially with my sister due soon, it makes me look back into years past...
a walk down memory lane with my sister and me, if you will...baby

01 September 2008

slow food nation '08

"come to the table" was the slogan for the weekend, and boy did the people come to the table...between civic center and fort mason, the swarms of people came out. everything was packed--especially as it was the first year, i'd say it was quite a success!