16 September 2008

sick day (pagoda stu returns)

well i have been hit with the office bug and boy did it kick me in the butt. beginning with a cold, it has turned into this massive headache that feels okay as long as i don't get up or cough--if i do either one of those things my head feels like suddenly there is a ton of pressure from the inside. i'm hoping i can go back to work tomorrow--it feels really really strange to stay home sick.

while i was home i took an opportunity to capture the cats during some amusing "play time" -- stu was back to his growling-while-attacking-a-sock antics....

first, my happy sunflowers
stu's girlish figure
the gargoyle a.k.a. ben--he loves perching on the corner of things and watching from above
does he or does he not look like a dr. seuss character here?
i always sort of wish i had a kitty cam to see what these two are up to while i'm gone, but i think i got a glimpse today--mostly sleeping, the occasional about of mischief, a little more mischief topped off with a snack and more napping. must be nice!


Edyta said...

hope you're feeling better! i guess the pre-winter bugs have started :(

Miss 376 said...

Not nice being ill, but worth it to watch these two play. Get better soon