02 July 2009


okay, okay, i'm not actually moving, but my blog is. blogger has been good to me for the past couple years, but i've been contemplating moving for a while, and after this last 4 day error message thing i decided it was time to take the plunge.

for now, i'm not going totally custom but i AM now on my own domain name! instead of having to type blogspot or wordpress or whatever else, you now just have to type comeblowbubbles.com. i wanted to make this transition as easy as possible. things may be tweaked, etc. over the next couple weeks, so don't be surprised if it looks a little different the next few visits.

the best thing about the new blog? bigger pictures!!! so change your readers/bookmarks to comeblowbubbles.com and come on over! all the old posts and comments have already headed over there, we're just waiting for you! let me know what you think.

peek-a-boo stu

yes, stuart, we see you.

peekaboo 2

bad cat behavior, ep.8

yes, the boys are at it again. this time, i came in the door and saw something...weird on the floor. i wasn't sure what it was until i saw the box. let me clarify--the previously unopened granola box that had been sitting on our counter. notice i said previously unopened.
bat cat behavior, ep.8
bat cat behavior, ep.8
bat cat behavior, ep.8
they acted like they did nothing wrong. stinkers.

01 July 2009


so FINALLY after 5 days of no blog working i have blog access again. thanks to whoever posted on the help board to help me. anyway, that time sort of made me decide that i'm going to make the switch to wordpress. i'm not sure exactly when, but it's going to happen. i'll keep everyone posted. just thought i'd say i have about 5 blog posts that i've been meaning to post, and i havent been able to. soon, i will. for now, i've run out of steam.

23 June 2009

new music!

so brandon and i went to a ben kweller concert. if you've ever talked to me in person about ben kweller or a ben kweller concert, you know how giddy i get. i immediately transform into a 14 year old girl (thankfully without the squealing).

anyway, this time we were beyond pleasantly surprised with the amazing opening acts! in the past, i've liked some opening acts, i've not liked others, but rarely do i get as excited as i did about jones street station and princeton. princeton opened for jones street station, who opened for ben kweller. both are relatively new and unknown bands, but i think they have great potential!

just a tip: jones street station is streaming their entire album on their website. i highly recommend a listen! they are a folksie/bluegrassy kind of good summertime jam band....i hope you like! two of my favorites: last time and tall buildings

21 June 2009

happy fathers day!

just wanted to give a great big "happy fathers day!" to all the fathers out there, especially my own fantastic dad, and josh ( my brother-in-law), seeing as it's his first official fathers day.

dad, you're the greatest!
dad and me
photo courtesy of edyta szyszlo photography

16 June 2009

claire and her gecko friend

when my sister, josh and claire were in hawaii (they just got back last week), they had a little gecko friend that visited them in their room. here is yet another moment showing claire's affinity towards animals...makes me crack up every time...

14 June 2009

8 months

i can't believe this muffin is already 8 months old. i love this baby so much! she's such a little joy and blessing. i got to spend saturday with claire, josh, jen, my parents and brandon for my dad's birthday and boy did we have a lovely time, although as you can see most of the time i was distracted by the baby.
she's not crawling yet, but she gets close. she also is all excited to stand up and take a few steps--with help, of course.
as you can see in this picture, claire's hair is finally becoming apparent...
she likes drinking water out of a straw, although she makes a funny face and ends up with half of it down the front of her...
she also loves animal. if you saw the gecko video on my sister's blog, you could get a taste of that. at my parent's house, she saw miss kitty and giggled and smiled and tried to move towards her however she could--looks like she takes after her dad's affinity for animals (that's what she's doing in this photo--going for miss kitty)!
i love spending time with claire, and thankfully she enjoys me (so far). i got in the car on saturday when we got picked up from bart, and claire got a big grin on her face. i was able to walk around the store with her away from my sister and she was fine (i even caught her smiling at little boys in the shampoo aisle). i can't believe 8 months have already gone by! i can't wait until i see this little pumpkin next!

12 June 2009

ny times

so, the headline on nytimes.com
right now is regarding this dusk-to-dawn drop-off program for people with alzheimers and dementia. the idea is simple--it's a place for people to go to occupy them during restless nights, and to give them a place to be to ward off night terrors--to generally help them avoid "sundowning." just read the article--it's adorable and an uplifting article to read in times where 99% of the news is depressing and heart-breaking.

07 June 2009

busy girl

so, i've been a busy girl, although i'm not really sure what i've been doing. training has been a failure--i've been uber exhausted, my legs have felt tired and achy, i'm not really sure what's going on. work has been really busy, so i've been working late and laying low in the evenings. i feel like i've sort of neglected the blog, but mostly ben and stu on the blog! it's not because they haven't been up to cuteness and mischief, either. i haven't captured a picture yet, but ben has been jumping on our flat screen tv nightly, which has been his go-to bad cat behavior as of late. when this happens we quickly whisk him into the bedroom, at which time he cries and cries and cries until we let him out. he usually has to go in a few times, but it seems like he's learning...maybe. stuart has been..well, stuart. the loaf/walrus/blob of the house, he wallows around, rolling on his back, squeaking when he hears plates clanking around. everyone want to join me in a round of "ooooh stuuuuuuuuu..."?

anyway, i finally uploaded some pictures and also took a few of these devilish boys showing their softer side...
brotherly love_02
group groom
brotherly love_04
brotherly love_07
brotherly love_11
brotherly love_13
brotherly love_15
and now, a little video showing why one of stuart's nicknames is growlypants...

31 May 2009

birthday pub crawl

thursday was chris' birthday, and so he planned a pub crawl for saturday to celebrate. the weather was foggy and overcast, but that didn't stop us! first stop was alembic, on haight street. i had heard of this bar about a year or so ago, but i hadn't made it there. saturday was the day, and alembic did not disappoint. great atmosphere, cool interior, and delicious drinks made for a great first stop!
this is not it (that was chris' drink), but i got a drink called bees knees--gin, lavender honey, and lemon juice. so delicious!
next stop was magnolia pub & brewery, where we enjoyed beer and some french fries. sara and i discussed sewing machines and affective filters, while everyone chatted most likely about more normal things.
next stop, toronado, a bar in san francisco known for it's bajillion beers on tap. okay, so maybe bajillion is over-exaggerating, but there's still of draft beers. after toronado we had drinks at elbo room, famous to us for their photobooth. more chit-chatting, more people, more fun. after elbo room it was definitely time for dinner, so we went and grabbed some tacos at a nearby taqueria, where chris got to enjoy a birthday cupcake, courtesy of annie.
after dinner, before parting ways we decided that ice cream sounded delicious, so off to bi-rite we went!
a tasty way to end our pub crawl adventure. it was a fantastic day of drinks, friends and fun. thanks, chris, for organizing the outing!

26 May 2009

cat saga

so. on friday, the bed we had ordered arrived, and friday night i decided to assemble it. alone. brandon was in iowa for his brother's graduation, so i decided to tackle the assembly--i am known to decide to take on feats like this, which usually end in tears and frustration.

first off, i come home to find a champagne glass shattered in the kitchen, and a vase knocked off the counter, prevented from plunging to it's demise only by the corner of a stool which was holding it up. great. first task upon arrival from work--clean up the glass that is all over the kitchen. literally ALL over the place.

so clearly the cats were already going bonkers, confused because brandon wasn't home. on top of that, these big boxes and packaging set them into a flurry of activity. i would have taken photos had i not been so focused on finishing the bed. imagine stuart chewing on cardboard, ben chasing his tail in a pile of bubble wrap, the cats running up and down the mattress which is leaning vertically against the wall. at one point stuart decided he was king of the castle--he was lounging on top of the mattress, laying on his back, lolling about. ben would run up, stuart would bat him in the face, and then ben would run back down. repeat 4 or 5 times. more tail chasing. then stuart would try and run off with the allen wrench. you get the picture.

two hours, some sweat and a little blood later, i was done with the bed and it was time to put on the mattress and box spring. the latter was down the hall in the bathroom, to help prevent the cats from climbing up and down it. i tried to slide it out of the bathroom vertically, which it turns out is a bad idea, because it didn't fit all the way through. the box spring is vertically half way through the door, stuck, and ben decides to climb up the box spring on the inside of the bathroom. while i'm trying to get him down so i can slide the box spring back into the bathroom and flip it, stuart climbs up on the outside of the bathroom. i now have a cat on either side of the box spring, neither really knowing how to get down, both pacing and meowing. because the thing is in the doorway, i cannot get a stool into the bathroom to help ben down. i try a number of tactics but none work. i then work on stuart, who just clings on for dear life when i try and pull him down. total failure. fast-forward 15 minutes, both cats are still there, i'm begging them to get down, it's midnight, i'm exhausted and on the verge of tears. i even try beckoning with treats and that doesn't work. ben FINALLY got down (dug his claws in, threw his back legs around and shimmied down), and about 10 minutes after that stuart got down the same way. hilarious now, infuriating at the time. i swear--do i have cats or toddlers?

18 May 2009

good morning!

happy monday morning from ben and stuart!
morning portrait

16 May 2009

the weekend (so far)

so far, this has been quite a lovely weekend. it started out with a baseball game on friday night in amazing seats (they were given to me), and then followed up with a drink with kelly and shane, who are in town for the weekend. it was great to catch up with old, dear friends!

today was the great urban race, that josh and brandon participated in.
great urban race
it's basically a scavenger hunt/race throughout the city--like the amazing race, but only in one city, not all over the world. brandon and josh had a great time, but are now absolutely exhausted. while the boys were racing, my sister and i were on internet duty to help the boys decipher some clues. we also had entertainment in the form of claire while we waited...today she ate some carrots for us, and we giggled at the faces she made
claire elizabeth
claire elizabeth
claire elizabeth
after the time with claire and jen, i headed up to the orbit room for birthday mojitos for sara's birthday. YUM!

14 May 2009

no, not marathon

i wanted to start this by saying no, i'm not running a marathon, just for clarity. however, in a moment of clouded judgement or insanity or something, i decided to sign up for the san francisco half marathon this summer.

this means yet again training begins. i've taken the few weeks sort of off, although recently i have become addicted to spinning. next week, however, "vacation" is over, and i'm back on the training schedule. i go back and forth between excitement and "oh my gosh what am i doing" as the pain of the last half creeps into my mind. my comforting thought? the fact that, seeing as it starts around 6am in san francisco, the chance of me having to deal with 85 degree heat is slim to none. i'm half sort of in shock and nervous that i signed up, but excited at the same time. july 26, here i come! luckily i have my training buddy again...thanks brandon!

10 May 2009

it's that time again!

for some of you it's probably been too long, for others maybe not long enough, but i decided it was time for some more ben and stu. i feel these lil guys have been neglected on here, though just from a lack of me taking time to photograph them--not for a lack of them being naughty and cute. anyway, today started out with me babysitting my boss' daughter so he could take his wife out to a nice mother's day brunch (i was at work on saturday, he had mentioned they hadn't found a babysitter and i volunteered since i did my mother's day thing yesterday). after that i went to work for a few hours, then headed home. i stopped at the pet store and picked up a new toy for the boys, and then photographed them as they played with it. ooooh silly ben and stuart.
first, i'll start with what brandon and i have dubbed stuart's "senior portrait"

happy mother's day!

happy mother's day to all those wonderful mothers out there! i celebrated mother's day early, spending saturday morning with my parents, grandmother's, and brandon (jen, josh and claire were at a wedding in vegas this weekend). we went to the cliff house, where we had fantastic views of the ocean along with amazing company and delicious food.
thanks to all the moms in my life! what an amazing bunch you are.

08 May 2009

best album cover EVER

check out this pitchfork article about wilco's new album, entitled wilco (the album) coming out in june. seriously this might be the best album cover i've ever seen in my life. no joke.

cover can bee seen here: wilco (the album) cover

03 May 2009

meltdown and muffin!

this weekend was thankfully filled with not much. i had this big idea that i was going to totally clean the apartment from top to bottom, but per usual, i started and quickly felt defeated. how am i supposed to reorganize when we aren't increasing our space? i mean, i know it's possible, but on going through our stuff i realized we don't have THAT much to get rid of, and while it may not be the most efficient organization, we aren't THAT inefficient. then i had a downward spiral, deciding we need a bed frame finally and that i hate our bedroom, and that it isn't soothing or relaxing in there, and it drives me nuts in there. i talked with my mom, who sort of talked me off the ledge, listening, knowing exactly how i feel. we also sort of have this thing when we've been in a space for a certain amount of time we need to revamp. i also went off about how i wanted new living room furniture and to swap our living room and dining room, etc. but i have decided 1. one step at a time and 2. a bunch of new furniture is neither needed nor practical right now. this spiral ended with a couple decisions--we're getting a bed frame, and we're getting some more storage furniture for the bedroom to give ourselves the tools to make better use of our space. YAY.

so, that was pretty much my saturday (cleaning, breakdown, recovery, then planning), but my sunday was filled with resting and hanging out with jen, josh, and claire. here are some pictures from the afternoon.

29 April 2009


i only wish i had seen or thought of this, but some fun-loving, brilliant minds decided to put swings on bart. i LOVE this type of thing!

here's the article: pranksters install swings on bart
and a flickr photostream: bart swings

28 April 2009

baby dominic!

this weekend was not only natalie's wedding, but our first occasion to meet baby dominic, the 3 month old baby of our friends jenn and jon. what a darling sweetheart! the pictures speak for themselves...
baby dominic_02
baby dominic_04
baby dominic_05
he was very well behaved while he got passed around from girl to girl...to girl...and back again. what a pumpkin!

26 April 2009

friends [this pictures says it all]

i don't have much more to say than ladies, you mean the world to me and i love you all to pieces.

wedding weekend

natalie's wedding was this weekend, which was a fantastic end to my 6 weeks of madness--and what a gorgeous, amazing wedding it was! such a fun party. the site, the food, the drink, everything was just perfect.