02 July 2009


okay, okay, i'm not actually moving, but my blog is. blogger has been good to me for the past couple years, but i've been contemplating moving for a while, and after this last 4 day error message thing i decided it was time to take the plunge.

for now, i'm not going totally custom but i AM now on my own domain name! instead of having to type blogspot or wordpress or whatever else, you now just have to type comeblowbubbles.com. i wanted to make this transition as easy as possible. things may be tweaked, etc. over the next couple weeks, so don't be surprised if it looks a little different the next few visits.

the best thing about the new blog? bigger pictures!!! so change your readers/bookmarks to comeblowbubbles.com and come on over! all the old posts and comments have already headed over there, we're just waiting for you! let me know what you think.

peek-a-boo stu

yes, stuart, we see you.

peekaboo 2

bad cat behavior, ep.8

yes, the boys are at it again. this time, i came in the door and saw something...weird on the floor. i wasn't sure what it was until i saw the box. let me clarify--the previously unopened granola box that had been sitting on our counter. notice i said previously unopened.
bat cat behavior, ep.8
bat cat behavior, ep.8
bat cat behavior, ep.8
they acted like they did nothing wrong. stinkers.

01 July 2009


so FINALLY after 5 days of no blog working i have blog access again. thanks to whoever posted on the help board to help me. anyway, that time sort of made me decide that i'm going to make the switch to wordpress. i'm not sure exactly when, but it's going to happen. i'll keep everyone posted. just thought i'd say i have about 5 blog posts that i've been meaning to post, and i havent been able to. soon, i will. for now, i've run out of steam.