07 June 2009

busy girl

so, i've been a busy girl, although i'm not really sure what i've been doing. training has been a failure--i've been uber exhausted, my legs have felt tired and achy, i'm not really sure what's going on. work has been really busy, so i've been working late and laying low in the evenings. i feel like i've sort of neglected the blog, but mostly ben and stu on the blog! it's not because they haven't been up to cuteness and mischief, either. i haven't captured a picture yet, but ben has been jumping on our flat screen tv nightly, which has been his go-to bad cat behavior as of late. when this happens we quickly whisk him into the bedroom, at which time he cries and cries and cries until we let him out. he usually has to go in a few times, but it seems like he's learning...maybe. stuart has been..well, stuart. the loaf/walrus/blob of the house, he wallows around, rolling on his back, squeaking when he hears plates clanking around. everyone want to join me in a round of "ooooh stuuuuuuuuu..."?

anyway, i finally uploaded some pictures and also took a few of these devilish boys showing their softer side...
brotherly love_02
group groom
brotherly love_04
brotherly love_07
brotherly love_11
brotherly love_13
brotherly love_15
and now, a little video showing why one of stuart's nicknames is growlypants...


moderncat said...

Growlypants!! They are unbelievably adorable. Have you tried corporal cuddling or the semi-automatic kissing machine?

I'll be your mirror said...

i love your cats!! you've taken some great photos- i especially like the one where stu is twisting all but one eye and the rest of his face is a blur--hihihi. my cat stella looks very similar with her tiger marbling and spotted belly. cats are the best!!

edyta szyszlo photo said...

i hear ya b. on the plus side, this post has totally made my post-wedding groggy sunday ;) yay for kitties!