13 September 2008

baby shower

well, jen's baby shower was thanks to a lot of help from many different people, it went quite well in my opinion. it was nice to have just a low-key sunny afternoon for everyone to have a chance to chat with each other and jen before she enters this exciting/crazy time. i can't believe she's due so soon! speaking of mom-t0-be, my sister looks adorable and from behind you would never know she was pregnant--she doesn't move like she's pregnant at all. we're so thankful that this has gone so smoothly (although she wouldn't mind if the baby the didn't have her knee parked in my sister's ribs).
great grandma-to-be
great grandma-to-be
i just wanted to thank everyone for making jen's day so special. i know it meant a lot for her to be surrounded by those she loves and to know that she has such a great support system.
the group
opening presents
i got some baby photography practice on adorable colin...smile!
how cute is he?
and here are the baby booties i knitted, thanks to kelly and this pattern found here
knitted booties

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Miss 376 said...

The bootees are adorable. Hope everything goes well for the birth