22 September 2008

introducing bubby and bunny

so, my weekend knitting project was to attempt this adorable bear found here. i found little bubby absolutely adorable in theory, but the execution...well, his head came out really small. i gave him a scarf to try and try even it out a little. i guess it was sort of an ambitious thing for me to attempt, having only knitted scarves and more recently baby booties in the past, but i can only improve, right? since bubby's pattern failed me (well, more like i failed bubby), i decided to sort of make up my own pattern. my intention was to create a little monster, but when i started making the little antennae, i decided it looked like a bunny, and bunny was born. next time i am intentionally creating a bunny i will make the ears a little longer, but for first attempts i think they came sort of cute...maybe homely cute, but still cute.

so, without further ado, meet bubby and bunny:
DSC_0006 copy

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Miss 376 said...

Love the side views, their little tummies. What a lovely couple