01 April 2008


well i've been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting until this day, and now it's finally here. i can at last announce

i'm going to be an aunt!!!!

as you can see, i'm quite excited about this. the baby is due on october 5. we've been waiting through the first trimester to announce (i found out when she was just a few weeks along) and now the time has finally come. my sister, jen, has had one ultrasound with an active little one moving about.

i will definitely be making occasion posts about the progress of things, and you can also follow along here:

the smith punkin patch

i'm so happy i could burst. i've been pretty much thinking about nothing but babies and baby gear and baby clothes for the past few months. i can't wait to decorate the nursery!

and no, this isn't an april fool's joke.


Josh & Jen said...

I can testify to the validity of her statement. It is true she will be aunt and Brandon will be an uncle.

Anonymous said...

And I can testify she has been asking all about baby gear for months. Congrats!!