12 February 2008


i have been listening to the bright eyes album "i'm wide awake, it's morning" at least once a day for the past couple days--i can say with confidence it is one of my favorite albums of all time, start to finish--there is not one song on the album that i skip past. i can listen to it over and over again, each time finding a new favorite lyric, or some nuance of a song that previously went unnoticed. i've discovered it's great driving music, great working music, and most recently great art project music--i listened while painting the bathroom. while i know bright eyes is an acquired taste, and definitely not for everyone, i think this is the album to start on if you're going to listen to him. i have to admit, the album has slowly become a favorite--it wasn't love at first listen. i enjoyed it, but not to the extent i currently do. the more i've listened, the more i've grown to appreciate.

anyway, while listening, i had that experience of hearing a song and many thoughts and emotions come pouring in with it--thankfully they were happy memories! the song was "first day of my life," sung at our wedding ceremony. i have included the video here because it's pretty cute and makes me smile. turn up the volume and enjoy!

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