04 November 2008

election day/scarf

well, i feel semi-frivolous posting about a scarf on this monumental election day, but i didn't get around to it last night and i had time to take some pictures while watching the returns. anyway, i wanted to finish this scarf in time for new york and am happy with the results. the pattern was found here. i started, and then saw the middle part, which called for ribbing (you can't really tell from the picture on the pattern page). i was a little hesitant at first, wondering how it would look, but i went with it and completed the scarf according to the pattern. upon finishing i was still unsure how i felt about the ribbing until...i put it on. at that moment i realized the genius of the ribbing. in the yarn i used perhaps especially (a soft, 100% cotton worsted weight yarn), the ribbing is very soft on your neck, while the rest of the pattern does not feel quite as soft. it significantly increases the cozy factor of this scarf.
it was difficult to take pictures because stuart (who is currently making it difficult to type) was very interested in the scarf on his personal pedestal.
grey scarf
grey scarf
grey scarf

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Miss 376 said...

What a lovely pattern. I can imagine the ribbing allows it to drape better too. Have a great time away