20 November 2008

thanksgiving prep

so for thanksgiving this year, brandon and i are taking a "family roadtrip" to portland...the reason i say family is because...well...brandon and i are bringing the cats this year. we couldn't find a cat sitter, so we're packing up the boys and bringing them along. we will actually save money by driving instead of flying, and it will be an adventure--this is the stuff memories are made of, right?

as a precautionary measure, we got the boys some collars with i.d. the store i went to was out of plain little round circles to put their name on, so they ended up with...dog bones. it's actually sort of fitting since they act like dogs half the time. they didn't like the collars at first, but it seems like they're used to them now. i also threw in some shots of play time...it's tough to get good shots at night of the boys flying through the air
stuart louis
stuart louis
benjamin buttons
benjamin buttons

play time
sleeping stu


Anonymous said...

.. and then you are continuing on your way north for a quick three hour jaunt to Seattle to visit Kelly and us... right??

Josh & Jen said...

I can't believe how big they have gotten...I mean I know they've grown but sheesh...aww...them dittas.

Edyta said...

they can join the "world traveler kitties" that my babies have started :) mostly airline travel for them though...

it will shock them a bit but be sure to put comfort smells (blanket, sock, mitten, anything) and fav toys...they should be fine. sherpa bags are great if you don't have a carrier already.