11 December 2008

must be santa

so when in elementary school, in some grade my class performed "must be santa" at our school christmas pageant/show/whatever you want to call it. anyway, you know the one:

who's got a beard that's long and white?
santa's got a beard that's long and white!
who comes around on a special night?
santa comes around on a special night!
special night! beard that's white!
must be santa, must be santa, must be santa, santa claus...

so stuart has a malformed foot, and when he walks he kind of "click click clicks" which reminded brandon and i of the song "up on the housetop," (you know, the reindeer part) which made us start calling him santa stu, and then somehow i got "must be santa" stuck in my head for days, changing "must be santa, santa claus" to "must be santa, santa stu," which led to...well, santa stu. i know that was a really long explanation that just shows my roundabout way of thinking, but without further ado, i introduce santa stu.
*note: before anyone thinks i'm too mean, i'd like to mention that i did not subject my poor kitty to all this getup--it is purely the magic of photoshop...not that this photo looks overly real...

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Anonymous said...

that is a wrong use of photoshop...