21 December 2008

will sheff, wii, etc.

this week/weekend has been extremely busy, luckily with fun activities. wednesday was talking music, thursday was my company's holiday party, friday was will sheff solo in concert. saturday started with brunch with chris, adam and jackie, then we trekked out to my grandma's for a visit, then went over to my parents' house to drop off the car and break in their new wii and back to the city. today consisted of sleeping in, hanging out at home, watching the bishop's wife with sara, and crafting.

now to back up, will sheff at cafe du nord on friday night was aaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing. sara and i got their before the show started no one was really filling in the floor yet so we decided to go right up front and center. we were a little nervous about being so close at first (we were concerned about it being awkward because we were SO CLOSE) but it ended up being well worth it (and not awkward at all). he performed almost all of my favorites, and two other members of the band (okkervil river) were there, so it made the performance even better.

anyway, it's time for bed. i promise i'll update with some photos soon, but i've been so busy and i can't really photograph what i've been working on. i promise after christmas there will be plenty of pictures and crafts.