20 April 2009

heatwave '09

the first heatwave of '09 has officially hit san francisco. we had temperatures in the 90's today, which is insane for this city by the bay. it's been a very sticky but sunny and beautiful day! too bad i had to spend it indoors behind my desk. the kitties do not enjoy this weather...they loll about on the floor, lethargic and hot. here are some snapshots of them surviving the heat:
first, we have stu hogging the fan
spring heatwave_01
then stu, coming out of the sink after he went in for a drink
spring heatwave_02
and finally, the boys lounging on the floor
spring heatwave_03

tomorrow is supposed to be hot again, but by the end of the week we're supposed to have rain. ooooh san francisco weather, how crazy you are!

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