03 April 2009

more cats

so, first off thanks to everyone and their comments regarding my pain-in-the-butt cat. i know it's probably a phase, just a longer phase than i'd like. ben takes opportunities like this to remind me of my commitment to being a pet owner, and remember that he has needs too, and our relationship can't always be on my terms...oooh how it's not on my terms.

and yes, i realize having kids is like this times 10, and i also realize it sounds like i'm talking about human kids, not cats.

anyway, i digress. i just HAVE to say, all you cat--and even non-cat--people out there, head over to edyta's blog today. i found her post today SO hilarious. just to give you a snapshot...the post starts out with the following text:

"Friday! Is it a dress, lingerie or a jogging suite? Oh Boris, it’s a bag."

and has this picture at the top:
photo courtesy of edyta szyszlo photography

so head on over there to see what boris' mischief is all about...ooooh boris.

1 comment:

lindsay. said...

man, i really love that silly cat.