08 February 2009

adélie and the orca

remember my resolution at the new year? overall it was to stop being lazy, but included in that was beginning an etsy account and i'm proud to say we're finally up and running! from the title of the post, i'm sure you can guess our shop name--it's adélie and the orca, which comes from my sister's and my favorite animals. we only have a few things up in the shop, but feel free to stop by and check us out! stop by often as we slowly update...

in addition to this, i've finally done my first screen print test! prep and cleanup are about 90% of the process, but i know i'm going to have a ton of fun. brandon has wanted this graphic on a t-shirt, so we decided to use this as our first test print (we will not sell this design because it is not our image, but we have just created this one shirt for our own use)
silkscreen test_01
the graphic looks a little blurry in this photo, but that's actually because of my picture-taking, and not the design. the edges of the design are actually quite crisp! slightly shaky because i did this using the screen-filler method (which is hand-painted, as opposed to the photo emulsion method), but crisp edges.
and now here is brandon posing in the shirt--he thought he should pose with the cats, to make it look "even cuter."
silkscreen test_02
silkscreen test_03
here's my favorite--the double head-tilt
silkscreen test_04


Edyta said...

yippee!! so excited for the etsy shop! love the name :)

Kelly said...

Nice job! I set up my Etsy shop almost a month ago, but have yet to actually put anything in it - way to jumpstart yourself!