21 February 2009


it's 16 miles...
today was my first long run of half-marathon training. well, actually my first long run EVER, but also the first long run of training. brandon went to a baseball game, so chris was kind enough to be my running buddy. he was a great motivator--most of my run was spent thinking "just...follow...chris...keep...following...chris..." i was pretty proud of myself, seeing as i've only started training in the last two weeks.

anyway, today i accomplished a 7.1 mile jog. it was slow, but i made it. yippee!

here was our route:


Brenna said...

omg, 7.1 miles! you are amazing!

Edyta said...

holy cow! already at 7 miles, that's incredible! high five.
ps - did you make that route on google maps? show me :)