17 February 2009

all i need is a moment

in a sort of roundabout way, i came upon this blog, all i need is a moment. the concept is simple--at a time and day chosen at random each week, a group of friends take a picture of whatever they are doing at that very moment. they then email the pictures to one person, who arranges them and posts them on the blog. the result is rather beautiful, and i love the concept. it's a way to share a moment with friends, wherever they are.
image courtesy of all i need is a moment

anyone else think this this is a great idea? this idea really warms my heart...i know that sounds cheesy, but it's true! what a special way to maintain an intimate bond with friends who aren't nearby


Edyta said...

ok, i've realized that i usually start off a comment here with omg, oh my goodness, or something of that sort...so this time...
CRAZY AWESOME idea! thanks for sharing...i might just have to pass the word on :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE this idea!