03 October 2008

[kitty] founder's day!

well, congratulations to the kitties. it is officially past their first birthday, and one year from the day they were rescued. what a year it has been! this troublesome pair has been the source of a lot of mischief, but even more happiness and fun. i didn't need to be worried about if the cats were going to like their toys--they loved them. i gave them to the cats one at a time, and stuart always pounced on the toy first, would play (and growl to keep ben away) until i put out a new toy, at which time ben would finally get to test drive the gift.

before i get to the pictures, i would like to show the pictures of the felted rattle toy i did--he turned out quite cute! i felted around a plastic bell so it has a rattle sound when the cats bat him around. well, and more specifically, i'd like to show the before....and after...of my little creature:
bird before
bird after
um, yeah. to say they loved this birdie would be an understatement. stu would not leave it alone for about 15 minutes straight, at which time ben got a hold of him...we didn't see either of the cats for a while and then brandon and i got up to check on them and found tufts of yellow wool scattered around. i actually re-felted him, gave him BACK to the cats, and now he is in pieces again. i'm sure this will be a cycle of felt-destroy-felt-destroy-felt-destroy. they couldn't get enough of him.

now onto the rest of the photos... (note: i was experimenting with different things in photoshop, so some of these look a little different than normal...something a little fun and peppy for the occasion)
upright stu
stu playing
stu and blowfish
ben and fish
the boys
ben biting bird
ben, fish and birdben biting
toys_blue background
stu on green
stu_aqua background

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