04 October 2008

nursery completed!

today brandon and i went over to my sister's place to put the finishing touches on the nursery since the new window is finally in, including the final piece--the installation of the mobile. i decided that it would be smartest to do a site installation, because i knew it would just be a headache attempting to transport it on bart.

jen picked us up in emeryville so she could return something at ikea, and then we headed out to concord. with a little fishing line (lovingly donated from josh's fishing pole), some felted birds, and some sticks found in tahoe, patootie's mobile was created. i have to admit, it turned out better than i had expected...i had felted the birds a while ago, but more recently gotten the idea for the twigs here. i think it definitely added exactly what i was looking for to the creation!
so now for the completed nursery...soon there will be a little baby to put in here!


Miss 376 said...

The twigs are a lovely idea, a fantastic mobile

Edyta said...

you should totally submit some photos to designsponge of the room and mobile!

so very cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful nursery..what is the paint color you use on the wall?