06 October 2008


this weekend, while working on the nursery, i took the opportunity to take some pictures of my sister at 9 months pregnant--after all, the next time i see her she'll most likely either be in labor or she'll already have had the baby! that is just crazy to me. as i was leaving it was like...um...okay...i'll see you...in the hospital i guess! i cannot get over how great she looks, and how nimble she is. while we were there she's like "oh, i'll get that" and "what can i do?" i kept saying just sit...I'LL get that...and asking her if she was in labor...haha. she was a good sport about the shoot (even when i made her laugh so hard i just knew she was either going to pee her pants or spontaneously go into labor--she did neither) and i think we got some nice shots. here are a few to share...
doesn't she look amazing? i mean, honestly...she's almost 39 weeks pregnant and she looks incredible! she also is acting normal, except for maybe some of those nesting/organization urges that she's been getting (more than usual)...i'm so excited for this next chapter for her and josh (and me). i just can't wait to get that little patootie in my arms!

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Edyta said...

she does look great!! hard to believe she's almost due!