11 October 2008

[my] cats and water

so i know i have posted in the past about my cats and water, but i'd just like to mention that they are still hopping in the sink every time a faucet is turned on.
while on one hand it's cute, and good for novelty value, i have come to realize a few disadvantages.
1. it makes it difficult to cook if there is a cat trying to stick his paw in a pot of water while you are filling it up, or when you're fighting a cat for the faucet when you need to wash vegetables, etc.
2. it makes it near impossible to discipline them if they don't mind (or actually enjoy) being squirted with a squirt bottle
3. my newest revelation--they clog our shower drain. now, i will not try and fully blame them because i shed my fair share, but whenever i clean out our hair trap in our shower there is a significant amount of cat hair. maybe some of it washes off of brandon and i, but i know for a fact that the cats get in our bathtub when we're not home, because i've come home to an open shower door many times.

these two...they really are a couple of trouble-makers, but they really do know how to work their cuteness.


Miss 376 said...

What a lovely pair they make!

jpresley said...

try vinigar in the water bottle. but yes they are cute.