19 October 2008

unexpected kindness

on thursday i got home and noticed there was a large envelope in our apartment entry area. although i am never expecting a package to be for me, i always check because i absolutely love getting things in the mail. i was pleasantly surprised when i noticed the package was addressed to brandon and i from a relative in seattle. hooray! what could it be? i tore it open when i got upstairs and found the travel section from the new york times entitled "frugal new york." also enclosed was a very kind card with a note about our coming trip to new york. brandon and i were very touched by the gesture--it's always so nice to get a note, knowing that someone was thinking of you.
thank you for the unexpected kindness...

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Kelly said...

Have you found a place to stay yet? Shane and I stayed at a place called "The Pod" hotel in Midtown. It was nice - super-tiny rooms, but very modern decor, and it wasn't outrageously expensive. So excited for you! Good times ahead.