03 January 2009

bad cat behavior, ep.1

for the new year, i've decided to document the trouble my cats cause around the house. there is a ceaseless supply, so it shouldn't be too difficult to make this a semi-regular thing here on the blog. with no further ado,

bat cat behavior, episode 1: attempting to print

whenever i try and print something, as soon as the printer begins making noise i suddenly have two curious little creatures on the desk, on the computer, on the printer, wherever they can explore. brandon says "they're just trying to help!" that really isn't a consolation when i'm actually trying to get output from the printer. let's not even mention the printer cord that seems to be tasty dessert for the cats (i have to put it away after i use the printer every time).

bad cat behavior, ep.1bad cat behavior, ep.1
bad cat behavior, ep.1bad cat behavior, ep.1

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