04 January 2009

crafting sunday

with the latest holiday vacation, my cats really took us being home as an opportunity to put their best (and by best i mean worst) foot forward. i decided that perhaps i could help them out with some "environmental enrichment" so i googled around an found this article here. from reading this article, i realized my kitties do not have a cozy "private area." yes, they can go under the bed, and yes they are the most social cats i have ever encountered, but i'm sure they'd still like a cozy place to snuggle up and be left alone.

at first i wanted to cut a hole in a box we have from ikea that sits in our expedit bookshelf, but brandon convinced me that the edges would look bad, and even if i tried to edge it in something, it still might end up looking icky so i had to rethink my strategy. i decided instead to clear out a cubby, put a cozy blanket in there, and then make a little curtain for the kitties to give them some privacy. here's how it turned out:
cat nook_3
cat nook_2
cat nook_1
so far the cats, especially stuart, really seem to enjoy the nook. i'm going to see if there's a very small curtain spring rod somewhere, because currently i just have a basswood stick wedged in there and it keeps coming out. hopefully we are on our way to an environmentally enriched home for the kitty cats (meaning they will be better behaved).


Miss 376 said...

I love their little cubby holes. Can imagine them using them to pounce on whoever walks past

Jake and Micah said...

Your cats are lovely and your cubby holes look fantastic with curtains! Perhaps you could look for small tension curtain rods that you would use in a kitchen window? They sell 15" adjustable ones at Bed Bath and Beyond. I've been meaning to convert my bookshelves too...