04 January 2009

snugglefest 08-09

so lately the cats have been napping in their little bed together pretty much every day, and i haven't been able to resist snapping a few pictures...here are some of my favorites:
similar to stu getting in our laundry basket, he pretty much jumps into ANY empty container...this time, the garbage can...thankfully he choses empty receptacles. i got this really crazy shot when stuart was apparently rotating his head but keeping one of his eyes stationary
stu in a trash can
brandon got this "portrait" while i was out running errands today
portrait on a box


babycat1216 said...

There so cute! I love the little hideaway you made!

They look like twins.

Anonymous said...

Good god, what sweeties!!

Elaine said...

Looks like a couple cats need to go to boxhab.