29 January 2009

the many faces of claire

i think jen's already had a post titled this very same thing, but claire makes enough faces to warrant this...

anyway, today i had the pleasure of watching claire while jen was at work (i took the day off). my dad, who is typically thursday's daycare, ruptured a tendon in his arm and had to have surgery and therefore is out of commission for a little while. it was fun to hang out with the baby all day! lola, claire and i had a day full of eating, sleeping, wii-ing, and a little bit of fuss (but not too much!). claire and i enjoyed a little wii fitness hula hooping and slalom skiing as well (although wii wanted to know why i had suddenly gained weight).

here are some pictures i took today...unfortunately a lot of them were blurry (even some of these are blurry) due to low lighting conditions and the squirmy baby factor...


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jpresley said...

Omg, those are amazing. you need to make a flip book of her. G was making sound effects for each one.