07 January 2009

bad cat behavior, ep.2

so, remember that cute little cat curtain i made for my bookshelf? and how i mentioned that i only had a makeshift curtain rod and needed something else? well, the need for that became a little more urgent. i came home from work and it was obvious that two little cyclones had hit our apartment:
bad cat behavior, ep.2
bad cat behavior, ep.2
apparently we have a woodchuck or two residing here. not only was the curtain down and stick chewed in half, but the blanket was halfway across the room, their bed was flipped over, and the bathroom trash was knocked over. looks like the boys had a wild day! never a dull moment at our household....i really need to get some kitty cams up

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Baly said...


Came to your site through Moderncat, thought it was a great idea, and found this short tension rod