16 March 2009

busy busy bumble bee

well, as i previously mentioned, i've been quite the busy busy bumble bee lately, and it's only going to get worse. here's a rundown of this weekend:
friday: work, then dinner with my parents. finish up designs for screen printing. bed.
saturday: 10 mile run. errand running. early dinner. more errand running. preparation for sunday screen printing. bed.
sunday: screen printing extravaganza with brenna and kristin. errand running. dinner. some paperwork i needed to get done. bed.

i have now realized that i am busy (with fun things) every weekend until may. wedding related activities, weddings, new york, half marathon...it's going to be a busy busy 6 weeks. hopefully i'll have some time to snap and upload pictures!


Anonymous said...

I am quite in awe of your 10-miles-continuous-running. Go you!

sara j said...

don't forget to pencil in Saturday May 16th...mojitos...before your May fills up too!

edyta szyszlo photo said...

wow, you are a busy bee! as soon as april hits you can call me one too :)
would still love to grab dinner in april but totally understand if you need a break!