11 March 2009

good morning

so this morning i decided to snap some photos of the kitties...a little mid-week pick-me-up.
so, a small funny note. i took these pictures, went into the other room to grab something, came back in, and the cats were in the same position but facing the room this time, instead of the window. such weirdos.
i left the room again and came back, and this time ben was 2 rooms away, sitting on the counter. literally i was gone 30 seconds, and i did not hear him at all. stealth kitty!
so i know it's been semi-quiet on the blog, but i've just been busy. not overwhelmingly busy, but enough where i haven't really taken a lot of pictures and the stuff i'm doing isn't overly exciting. in a nutshell, i'm working on things for some upcoming activities with friends (will be shown later), running, nursing sore legs, and crafting a little here and there. i promise i'll show that stuff later on...


Staunch said...

Hi Brianne!
I lurve your kitties. I have a little tabby myself (Francie), and the pics of Ben and Stu just crack me up!
(Friend of Edyta)

bM said...

Awww, thanks! I suspected you were Edyta's friend when I saw "Staunch" because I remember in the Etsy labs Edyta said "Staunch, you in here?" Anyhoo, the kitties are goofballs and are always making me giggle (or making me want to scream i.e. when they break wine glasses). I would love to see little francie!

edyta szyszlo photo said...

francie will have some fab shots of herself after her vogue kitty shoot this weekend...does she take cream with her coffee?

edyta szyszlo photo said...

oh and did i mention that i'm jealous that your babies are best buds (as my brats chase each other :)

babybinko said...

holy smokes, I love your blog! Your kitties are the cutest. I'll share some kitty pics on my blog, too. You have inspired me to spread the cuteness. :) I also love your Etsy store! Such great stuff. I didn't even know we both had Etsy stores and were selling similar stuff. How crazy. And we both knit, too. So fun! Rob says 'HI'!