11 March 2009


so, i guess i have neglected to mention that i'm going to new york in april! it is a trip my family has been talking about for a while--grandma, mom, sister, and claire (well, claire has been a more recent addition to the roster) to go see a relative that we haven't seen in forever, and she's getting up there in age. it's going to be a quick trip right before the half marathon--i can't wait!

you might be wondering what on EARTH that has to do with this blog post title, shoes! well, i am in desperate need of shoes to walk around in. now, i am not the most fashionable person, but i refuse to wear my running shoes while exploring a city. call me vain, but i put my foot down when it comes to that. i don't look down on other people doing it, but i just can't do it.

SO. last time i went to ny in november, i wore some clarks privos. i wear them all the time, great for walking to/from work, etc. after walking around all day every day, however, my heels were shredded by the end of the 5 days. i'll spare you the details, but sufficient to say that my heels were swollen and i ripped through band-aids, socks and tights by the end. it was a mess. all that said--anyone have any recommendations? i think i'm looking for something decently cute but very practical. after all, it is the week before the half marathon, so i must keep my feet in working order!


gutsforgarters said...

look at the reaction by kenneth cole (at Nordstrom) - affordable, cute and comfy.

Pixie said...

My mom keeps telling me to buy some "proper Danskos" - apparently they're made for nurses to be on their feet all day but still look cute.

Personally, I just prep for trips like that by buying a few pairs of cute shoes ahead of time and wearing them to school - if I can survive a day on campus in them, they get to go on vacation with me. :)