24 March 2009

saturday fun

so saturday was busy. 8 miles in the morning, then i met up with my parents, sister and claire for some shopping and lunch, then home for natalie's bachelorette party.

first stop: downtown. we ran into an anti-war, anti-occupation protest/parade, so i wasted time taking a couple pictures while the parade passed
claire sporting her new giants gear...go black and orange!
and a few pics from the champagne toast at kristin's and dinner after for the bachelorette...
this was taken at beretta, where we ate a delicious dinner...


edyta szyszlo photo said...

you did have an eventful saturday! looks like it was fun!

Jeanne Selep said...

That baby photo is beautiful! Is Claire your baby? I'll have to check your profile.

bM said...

thanks for the compliments! claire is my lovely little niece...not mine. although when i'm out i'm not always quick to correct people if they think she's mine =)