04 March 2009


so, paris is the one place that i really get homesick for. i guess the only other place i could really get homesick for would be san luis obispo, and while there are things about it that i miss, i don't get homesick. paris, however, is a whole different story. i get a pit in my stomach, and genuinely ache for it. it's been far too long since i've been there. a lot of people like to look at pictures of paris and french things, and talk about it and reminisce about their time there. me, i avoid it like the plague. i don't like to look at pictures (when i'm feeling homesick). i don't like to talk about it, i don't like to flip through my photographs. it makes me ache even more inside, and sink deeper into my little sad party. yes, i feel beyond fortunate to have lived there, but man do i miss it. i guess it goes along with it's better to have loved and lost....?

my friend kelly is going soon, and while i'm jealous, i'm more happy that she gets to go--we were there together and i have some wonderful memories from that. i'm still trying to figure out what little something i want her to bring back for me =) oh yeah, kelly--i might have you bring something back for me...haha

anyway, when i was there i got addicted to the show star academy. it's basically american idol, but more in depth. they all live in a house together and having singing lessons/practice, dance rehearsals, exercise time, etc. every week. then every weekend they have a live show (the "prime") and eliminate someone. the show is on daily if my memory serves me correctly. i stumbled upon (err...i guess sought out) the website the other day and found a video of one of my favorite performances during the season i watched. you can see it on my tumblr, here.

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Josh & Jen said...

let's go...I'm ready and Claire needs a French experience like the golden lady..he he he.